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An enlarged side view of common vinyl fabric would show raw PVC (polyvinyl chloride) covered by a thin layer of plastic called the "topcoat". The topcoat is the part of the vinyl you can see and touch. To keep vinyl fabric soft and flexible, manufacturers add agents known as plasticizers to the raw PVC. A major function of the topcoat is to hold in these plasticizers, which otherwise would quickly evaporate. If the topcoat is damaged or degraded, plasticizers begin to escape leading to embrittlement/cracking/ failure.Protecting the topcoat, then, is the most crucial aspect of properly maintaining vinyl and the subject with which vinyl manufacturers are most concerned.

Liquid vinylex protectant is intended for use in the care and conservation of vinyl, rubber and plastic. Its purpose is to clean, protect, renew, preserve and improve appearance of the polymer surface being treated. Includes DH60 UV sunscreen. Vinylex provides maximum protection and that "showroom new" appearance the first time, every time. Great resale product!

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