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Universal Bungee Cord for Shore Station, Lakeshore, Pier Pleasure, Daka, Newman, Porta Lift, Floe, Midlander, Shoremaster and Hewitt boat lift canopy covers. Remove the cover from the box. Place the canopy fabric bundle on the top of the frame. Unroll canopy to where the canopy is folded. Unfold the canopy so that the length of the canopy is straight and follows the frame’s spine. Unfold the canopy down over the bows in equal amounts hanging over each side. The tie down webbing straps with D-Rings should now be hanging on the inside of the canopy, but on the outside of the canopy frame. If you are using bungee balls or bungee hooks you will attach them to the D-Rings by first threading the bungee though the d-ring and back through the bungee loop. This will keep the bungee in place on the d-ring.The long continuous bungee cord is threaded “loosely” through D-Rings and around perimeter of the canopy in a “saw tooth” pattern back to where it was started. You want to make sure that there is no tension on the bungee. Stretching the bungee upward to attach to “S” hooks that fit into the small holes in the frame will tension the canopy.A welded support bar is used on the Newman Canopy system and the continuous bungee can be threaded back and forth from D-Ring to bar in the same “saw tooth” pattern. Stretch bungee and tie the ends together. Adjust tension of bungee to ensure the canopy fits securely to the frame and the tension is evenly distributed through all the “s” hooks or bar. Excess bungee may be trimmed off as needed.2013-05-30 19.02.362013-05-30 19.03.302013-05-30 19.04.44