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A year and a half ago our Govenor vetoed a transportation bill that called for a gas tax increase . I came across this blog entry in the Pioneer Press byRachel E. Stassen-Bergerhttp://blogs.twincities.com/politics/2008/02/vroom-vroom-veto.htmlThe veto was overturned by the house and became law. The arguement against the bill was that Gas was expensive as heck then and who wanted to burden the average Minnesotan with more taxes. Gas has sinced fallen in price but so hasconsumption.Now thestate faces a greater shortfall and a greater need forroad and bridgereconstruction. Our roads are horrible.I guess the meaning of all this is that there is never going to be a good time for states and the federal government to do mass transit improvements. We should just bite the bullet and move forward based on need and not politics.