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I came across a blog entry that I think is just fascinating.http://bhc3.wordpress.com/2009/08/27/ibms-public-policy-prediction-markets-collective-wisdom-on-education-transportation-energy-healthcare/ by Hutch Carpenter.IBM Smarter CitiesIBM recently launched its Smarter Cities initiative. Part of its overall SmarterPlanet project, Smarter Cities is an effort to find solutions to the problems that will occur due to our ever-increasing population growth in urban centers around the world:They are asking for suggestions/comments and ideas in grappling with population growth. I'm going to head over to the transportation section and offer my two cents. One of the reasons we launced this business was out of a need for efficient communication from organizations to individuals. Effieciency is the over arching principal in communication and I like to think our company facillitates that. Great post! and I applaud Mr. Carpenter for breaking it down in his blog.