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I just got done reading Mike Spack's blog post:http://www.mikeontraffic.com/2009/07/telecommuting-eworkplace-minnesota.html#trackbackAnd I think it's great that his company is working with eWork Place Minnesota on strategies to reduce drive time along the 35-W and 77 corridor. Mike states in his blog that:"One of the goals of the project is to remove 2,700 peak hour trips per week through telecommuting. That is where eWorkPlace comes in. It is an advertising campaign that is trying to convince employers of the economic benefits of telecommuting and flexible work schedules."I think that's wonderful.I used to work for the University of Minnesota as a Parking Supervisor so I've got a pretty good handle on the stress our infrastructure has put upon it by the "work commute."A few years ago my wife and I started a company that makes parking meter bags and sign covers for the parking industry. We recently moved our business out of the cities to Northern Minnesota. I'm constantly thinking about our ebusiness and the role we play as cyber yeoman... but what I wonder at is how do we share this economic model with others? I mean we no longer commute. More importantly, with the use of UPS and Fed-Ex... even the products we ship are in a type of ride share program... I guess what I'm getting at is there any grant money out there to help other smallbusiness' to realize a stay at home, work at home dream?