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I just got done reading Christina Davidson's article "Recession Road Trip" onhttp://correspondents.theatlantic.com/christina_davidson/2009/06/putting_americas_signmakers_to_work.htmlShe writes about the Sen. Tom Coburn's criticism of the amount of money being spent on the installation of signs that advertise the use of stimulus money on that particular highway project. She also agrees with the criticism. Normally 6 million dollars is a lot of money to spend boasting about a piece of legislation, normally. But these are not normal times. And in this particular situation we shouldn't kill the messenger and the message.  Both are valuable.  And the people making those sign covers.... people like me... are just as woven into the financial, social and psychological fabric of American life as a highway builder. We work with our hands. We manufacture. Shouldn't we help send the message that everyone has equal share in our sucess? If we make signs that say.... "Project Funded By The American Recovery Act" than than everyone collectively knows that we all are working together to help this country.