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http://washingtonpolicyblog.typepad.com/washington_policy_center_/2009/05/emphasize-mobility-on-sound-transits-eastside-approach.htmlI just got done reading:Michael Ennis, Special to The TimesEmphasize mobility on Sound Transit's Eastside approach"The voters approved Sound Transit's plan to expand light rail in the region but as Sound Transit officials move forward with choosing a preferred alternative, they must do everything possible to help improve the region's economic recovery by building a system that strengthens personal mobility."In his analysis Mr. Ennis points out some of the inherent weakness in the new light rail expansion. But it has been my experience in transportation infrastructure that change is always messy regardless of how pragmatic or deliberate it is. Urban transportation has taken centuries to evolve and change will always be akward. My company just got done building ticket spitter covers for this project. The spitters are being covered so that the publiccan ride for free this weekend. This is a way of introducing public to another side of the transportation problem and solution. These types of public promotion are a good thing. But they are just a small step in a journey toward how people refamiliarize themselves in how to go from point A to point B.