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Jeff Cornwall in a recent post:http://www.drjeffcornwall.com/2009/07/small-business-critique-stikes.htmltakes Scott Shane, a professor of entrepreneurship at Case Western Reserve, to task for dismissing the importance of small business in current American Capitalism. I'm with Jeff Cornwall on this. We are a small business. We market nationally and are pretty successful. Scott Shane uses as a measure of value the terms "low performing" and "high performing" in judging small business worth. Jeff Cornwall rightly criticizes Professor Shane by pointing out that these measures aren't supportive of small business. In our case we employee one individual. Both our families benefit from manufacturing in a niche industry where we are valued not on our largess but our thrift, resoursefulness and most importantly our accounts receivable. But, I will still grapple with Mr. Shane on an aethetic plane. Ourgreater quality of life as... cyber yeoman or e-shepardsis far more important than somesort ofKafkaesqueexistence where we are plugged in. In our simple way we bring money in from around the countryand share those same dollarswithour rural agricultural community. Sorry Professor Shane, we're not packing it in and going home... well, maybe we are.