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I'm fascinated by the architecture of the hip roof. When the German and Dutch settled this are of Minnesota most all of the white and red pine had been cut and taken by the railroads. What was left was tall tamarack. It's not a bad wood by any stretch. It's hard and could be worked with. It's a stong wood. The trusses in the roof are 1" strips of tamarack that are laminated.And when I say laminated they were layered.  They're stacked and curved over each other. The design isbrilliant.The cieling is as ornate as any great Gothic Cathedral.Thepattern is mesmerizing. From a pratical stand point the result is a stronger truss and the fact that tamarack is taken from the swamp/slough a mile away, means that is impervious to wet and weather. This is the wonderful self reliance my wife's people had and have. They sustain themselves on the material they found around them. It's a lesson I'd like to teach my sons.