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imageI've just submitted a patent application on our slide track system. This is a flexible track that can be sewn or heat welded to a boat cover, boat lift canopy, bimini enclosure, tarp, or awning. A slide snap fastener socket can be positioned anywhere along the rail to meet a fixed screw stud fastener. What this means for the marine industry is that universal boat and pontoon covers don't have to be tied down with bungees and flopping webbing. A cover can be fabricated with snaps a customer can adjust to existing snaps. The track system also utilizes buckles and other slide hardware making it even more universal.The sewable track system can also be used in the Sign Industry for tarps or banners or attaching Letters to sign boards. The track system can also be incorporated into the RV industry for curtains or shade systems . We're very optimistic and look forward to incorporating this system into the manufacture of our boat lift canopies.