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I came across an interesting blog post form John P. Houtonon http://blogs.pioneerlocal.com/thenewspeg/2009/03/should_we_create_parking_for_l.htmlfrom the March 2, 2009 . A parking garage is going up or has gone up by now next to a hotel/condo/retail facility in Oak Park. The question is raised into how a room service employee or a housekeeping employee could afford to park in such a facility. I think there might be a couple of solutions to this. I think making the employee purchase a contract and letting them share with another employee on a opposite schedule might work. I think offering remote parking an using ana shuttle service to pick up and drop of employees might be another. The trick with any parking is making a parking spot turn over two or three times. It's been my experience as a parking manager before we started this busisness is to identify different types of customers and when they use their facitlity. Are they a retail customer? Will they use spot for a couple of hours and then be gone? Are they an employee? Could altering their work hours help with parking demand? Are there times when the parking garage will be used for special events and would the increase in pre pay parking off set other costs? Parking isa fluid thing and sometimes mix use and flexiblity are needed in how a space is mangaged.