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I find listening to a Leonard Cohen song to be like sipping a glass of wine. The initial taste is good - but gets better by letting it swirl around my mouth. His lyrics are so engrossing - I find myself pouring over each word - making sure I'm listening correctly.We had the rare opportunity last week to see Leonard Cohen in concert. He was simply brilliant! At 74 he put on a show that was definately one of the best I've seen in my life. His music is timeless. His voice is enchanting. And the musicians and vocolists were fantastic. He didn't hog the stage (even tho all of us were there to see the man). He let the others shine and paid rapt attention to them when he was not singing.While the tickets to this show were more than we've ever paid - the opportunity to see the legend was well worth it. He was simply outstanding and gave a performance of 3+ hours with numerous encores - often skipping on and off the stage.Our only regret was not taking the camera to get a picture of the marquee.