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I just got done reading a post by Jeff Cornwall A New Age for Transportation? http://www.drjeffcornwall.com/2005/04/a-new-age-for-transportation.html I love reading his post. In this he talks about how transportation will shape and be shaped. At the end of the piece he writes,"I am not sure what the next transportation age will look like, but I am beginning to feel more and more strongly that it will come. Change and chaos creates entrepreneurial opportunity."I had to laugh also because he posits that perhaps in a garage outside of Fargo, ND there is a group working on a new vehicle that might revolutionize the transportation industry. Well we're working out of a an old hayshed making our products and shipping everday. I think the solution might be in varying models of entreprenurialship... whether it's transportation or even health care. The French for instance still have Doctors that will make house calls. Why not a traveling heath clinic? Why must we go to and from a place, often times alone and insist on dragging a ton of automobile around with us. I think the answer does not lie with jet packs of the future but in diverse models.