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The expression paying through the nose comes from a period of time when Norsemen raided the coast of Northern Europe. Any village or hamlet on the coast paid some sort of tribute/protection/insurance money to keep there thatched huts from being burned down. If they didn't have the money a viking would take a knife anc cut through one of their nostrils. Yeah, ouch. Anyway. I've read a blog piece on health care and all the arguments are well thought out and reasoned.http://econlog.econlib.org/archives/2009/07/health_insuranc_7.html by Bryan Caplan Health Insurance and Reputation...but I've got to tell you, my experience (admittedly anecdotal) has not been with a person who would necessarily cares about personal responsiblity , but with a collosus.. I haven't met anyone individual in the insurance industry who will take ownership of a company's reputation. And if you found someone who did how could you then prove a sentiment so subjective?My wife and I have small buisness and two small children. We pay more than our monthy mortgage in health care. We have a huge... huge deductible. My children have get their anual school checkup but we pay for all their/our medicine out of pocket.We had a choice of 4 plans and chose the most affordable. Basically, we pay through the nose.