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I just read a posting about DPCA offering discounted parking in a garage to encourage attendance for special events.http://www.bullcityrising.com/2009/06/dpac-nets-65000-to-initial-broadway-series-parking-discounts-part-of-strategy-to-triple-next-year.htmlOne person in the comments section offered this."Personally, I like to park somewhere on the street inside the loop, because I hate parking decks (mostly the waiting in line to get out) and I'm probably going to hit the Pinhook or Bull McCabes before and/or afterward anyway. Of course, I'm young and healthy and don't mind walking in the Carolina evening (which is beautiful 80% of the year...) "I really agree.  Canvaswork has made and is making "Free Parking Hoods" for municipalities and "for Profit" and "Non Profit" organizations through out the country.  Even this past week we made large order on behalf of Lumiere Casino-Hotel for free parking during the All-Star game in St. Louis.  Covering Parking meters and giving free parking allows Resturants and other venues near a Concert Hall to benefit equally.  Instead of segregating customers into a confined area, they dispersed through a down town and the benefit becomes orgainic.  The downtown as a larger entity that offers both entertainment and hospitality.