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One of our product arms here at Canvaswork are seed pallet covers. A pallet of corn seed is a lot of money and if it's damaged by rain while in transit to the field, a dealer rep or a famer is out a lot of money. Corn seed is as important to us because of the covers we make. But I'm also torn. I hate to see food sources being usurped by fuel demand. I think balance is the key. I just got done readingBiofuels: a blessing or a curse? http://psdblog.worldbank.org/psdblog/2007/07/biofuels-a-bles.html#trackbackon I believe that there are better long term sources of fuel and of food. Peas, for instance, grow faster and return nitrogen to the ground. They don't have to be dried and can be used for fuel and food. I'd like to see more of this crop planted. But again, corn has a definate place in both the fuel and the food mix.